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Your favourite ‘The Boys’ character is a West Ham fan

Your favourite ‘The Boys’ character is a West Ham fan

Amazon Prime-produced ‘The Boys’ is the latest streaming sensation to hit the platform, with millions of viewers tuning in every Friday to witness another hour of the thrilling show. 

Adapted to live-action by Eric Kripke, the show is based on comics of the same name, which depict a superhero-filled dystopia. The show features an ensemble cast and has delivered some of the most intriguing characters on TV currently. 

A favourite among those is the titular faction’s leader, William “Billy” Butcher, played by Karl Urban. No-nonsense, authoritative, and often diabolical, Butcher’s character is a hit. 

The latest episode of the show included a glance into Billy’s past, and eagle-eyed fans online spotted a football link, as a Premier League club’s banner hung proudly in his childhood room. 

The character grew up in London’s east end, and as seen in this capture from the episode, he evidently grew up a West Ham supporter. That’s right, the brawny vigilante with an affinity for a certain single-syllable word is a Hammer, much to the delight of Irons online. 

Curiously enough, there also appeared to be a Charlton Athletic scarf right beneath the banner, perhaps a case of split loyalties then. Although, a fan suggested that maybe young Billy just snatched it from a fan during an away game, which would certainly fit the character.