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90s Liverpool Hero John Barnes Gets His Own Life-size Mural Outside Anfield

90s Liverpool Hero John Barnes Gets His Own Life-size Mural Outside Anfield

Liverpool fans have earned a reputation for designing some amazing murals for their legendary players over the years. In fact, a lot of beautiful murals dedicated to iconic Liverpool players can be spotted all throughout the city – with many of them being situated right beside Anfield as well.

The Liverpool faithful have some really artistic individuals among the fanbase, who take it upon themselves to create some beautiful, life-like murals from time to time. A lot of the murals were created after their 2019/20 Premier League title win, with the likes of Jurgen Klopp, Mo Salah, Jordan Henderson and Trent Alexander-Arnold getting their own life-life graphs.

Even though the Reds are currently undergoing an extremely topsy-turvy season, that hasn’t slowed down some supporters from uniting to create more murals. Recently, a new mural was unveiled close to Anfield paying homage to one of Liverpool’s 90s heroes, John Barnes.

A new mural for John Barnes has been created close to Anfield Stadium. Painted on the outer walls of a house, the mural features a full face of Barnes in black and white colour. There is also a picture of him with his trademark volley attempt and wearing the Liverpool jersey of the 1990s.

Barnes played at Liverpool for 10 years and is recognized as one of their best players of the 90s as well. He scored 108 goals in 403 appearances for the Reds, winning the first division title twice as well as the FA Cup many times too.

He is widely appreciated by long-time Liverpool supporters because of his contribution to the club and amazing goal-scoring ability in his playing days at Anfield. It appears that Barnes is finally getting his flowers in the city of Liverpool, over 25 years after having left the club in 1997 – with the graphic design team Murwalls being assigned to have created this mural.

The Englishman is over the moon to have been able to get his own mural in the city of Liverpool, which shows just how the fans love him and hold a special admiration for him decades after he stopped playing for them.

Reacting to getting his own mural, Barnes said: “I’ve been jealous for many years to have been walking around Liverpool and to see pictures of Ian Rush, Jurgen Klopp in so many lovely houses in the city. So when they actually phoned me about two months ago, when they told me they have a nice little spot to d a mural for me. So it is special, because it’s a part of the community!”

Just like Barnes himself, a lot of his ex-Liverpool teammates – like Stan Collymore – as well as fans online are delighted to see the Englishman’s achievements celebrated with his lovely mural. While Collymore doesn’t have his own mural in Liverpool, he has been included in Liverpool’s own Player Roll of Honour  – which recognizes him as a memorable and appreciated Liverpool player.

The design for the new John Barnes mural is really unique and celebrates his best moments in a Liverpool shirt. If anyone wants to get a picture clicked with this mural or just see it before hopping into a match at Anfield, they can find it on Balfour Street – with the mural being significant enough that not many can miss it.