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How Did The Lionel Messi, Conan O’Brien and Pope Francis Mural Came About?

How Did The Lionel Messi, Conan O’Brien and Pope Francis Mural Came About?

Lionel Messi has taken the United States of America by storm after joining Inter Miami last year.

He shocked many fans by opting to move out of Europe for the first time in his professional career by joining David Beckham’s ambitious project in the MLS.

Ever since that, Messi has become a prominent figure in US Sports and attracted a lot more eyes onto football (or soccer as they call it).

He has caused more American fans to get the urge to learn more about football and get immersed into the sport as the country prepares to host the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

Messi has also earned a lot more mainstream attention, causing media hosts to start hogging off his spotlight.

That definitely seems to be applicable for American TV host and comedian Conan O’Brien, who is famous for his late-night talk show ‘Late Night With Conan O’Brien’ or ‘Conan’.

Conan seems to be ready to transition from a talk show host to now hosting a travel show called ‘Conan O’Brien Must Go’.

It seems that the show might have convinced the American comedian to travel to Messi’s country of Argentina a few months ago, in a mission to know more about the culture and footballing fandom – as well as get content for one of its episodes.

It appears that Conan’s crusade to Argentina might’ve inspired a bizarre new mural that can be seen in the streets of Buenos Aires.

Indeed, a rather astonishing mural is painted in the Argentine capital which shows Messi with Pope Francis – but with Conan O’Brien painted in the middle of them.

This is utterly confusing considering just how random the image of Conan is in this aspect.

Messi, obviously, is the Argentine hero and their 2022 World Cup-winning captain – so his presence is understandable.

As is that of the Pope, who represents Argentina in the best way possible by being the head of the Catholic Church.

Conan O’Brien is neither an Argentine citizen nor has he achieved anything to bring more respect to the country itself.

That is why many were left flabbergasted over how O’Brien was drawn into this beautiful, life-like mural that has clearly been created by a brilliant artist.

Well, it appears that the mischievous O’Brien might have something to do with this.

This beautiful mural has been created by Argentine artist Maxi Bagnasco, who has over 350k followers on Instagram and has created many extraordinary murals featuring Messi and other Argentine legends in the past.

Conan decided to hire his services to create this mural in Buenos Aires, as Bagnasco himself confessed on his Instagram and wrote: “Mural for Conan O’ Brien@teamcocoalong with Messi and the Pope in Juan B. Justo and Gorriti. Based on a great illustration by my friend@domenechs_artwho recommended me to do it. Thank you for trusting my work!”

It’s very likely that Conan got this created so that it can feature on his upcoming Travel show because his entire crew was there to cover the mural too.

Of course, he must’ve gotten special permission from the relevant government officials to do this in a place like Buenos Aires.

While this mural might be exquisitely created, the presence of Conan O’Brien only makes it weirder and definitely one of the most unique murals that you will ever see.

Szymon Raczkowiak

Friday 12th of January 2024

It’s a reference to the Argentine president’s dog with whom he claims to have a psychic connection even after his death.