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Tifo Game: AC Milan honour healthcare workers as Lazio fight racism and violence in football

Tifo Game: AC Milan honour healthcare workers as Lazio fight racism and violence in football

In the spirit of displaying solidarity in standing against evils that plague the beloved game of football and by extension the society as a whole, the fans gathered at the majestic stadiums of San Siro and Stadio Olimpico made symbolic gestures to promulgate their righteous ideals.

AC Milan was host to the Nerazzurri for the “Derby di Milano”, which culminated in a 1-1 deadlock.

Ahead of the clash, San Siro’s Curva Sud was emblazoned with a monumental tifo in an effort to honour the contributions of frontline workers who fought within an inch of their lives in the battle against coronavirus which led to global devastation.

This awe-inspiring gesture from the Rossoneri was met with hearty adoration from emotional fans, who backed their club with pride in heralding the “true heroes” of Italy.

A similar occurrence transpired in Stadio Olimpico, where Lazio was to take on visitors Salernitana. Spirited Lazio supporters raised banners that bore the message “No to racism, No to violence, No to politics in stadiums, Lazio Forever.”, thus showcasing a firm united front against such malevolent forces. 

The Lazio stadium has often been at the heart of controversy given that its history is riddled with bigoted and abusive ultras. It was thus refreshing to see the morality shown by the Aquilotti’s supporters who lent a hand in shunning such toxicity.

The match subsequently resulted in a thumping win for the home side as they decimated a stale Salernitana by 3-0.

Such momentous events truly reflect the values of passion, loyalty and integrity which are the cornerstones that make up this glorious game.  

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