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Amazon footage reveals locker room row between Juventus players during shock loss to Porto

Amazon footage reveals locker room row between Juventus players during shock loss to Porto

On the 25th of November, Amazon Prime released a new iteration of the popular “All Or Nothing” documentary series, this time focusing on Italian giants Juventus.

Covering Bianconeri’s turbulent 2020/21 campaign, it featured many notable moments and one of these was the shock loss to Porto in the Champions League. This particular bit of footage featured a heated exchange between Ronaldo and Cuadrado.

Trailing 3-1 on aggregate at halftime, the tension was reasonably palpable in the Juventus dressing. Ronaldo in particular did not shy away from expressing his annoyance.

Visibly vexed, the Portuguese legend tossed his shirt on the floor as soon as he entered the dressing room and lashed out at the team’s performance saying “We have to work harder. What the f***! We didn’t play at all! Nothing!”

He continued to voice his dissent after taking his seat prompting teammate Juan Cuadrado to make an effort to calm him down.
However, this only led to a heated exchange between the two. It can be read below.

Cuadrado: “Don’t worry.”
Ronaldo: “We played sh*t, always!”
Cuadrado: “You must be an example for everyone.”
Ronaldo: “I’m included too. We have to tell each other the truth. We played sh*t. This is a Champions League match. We need to have personality.”

Manager Andrea Pirlo soon intervened and calmed both the players down, taking charge of his dressing room he said “That’s enough, let’s go. That’s enough, Cri. That’s enough, Juan. We have to be calm and patient. We will continue in this spirit, but without arguing, with the posture of someone who wants to win.”

The match, unfortunately, did not turn Juventus’ way. The Italian side ended up losing the tie, conceding a crucial goal in the 117th minute of the game.

We rarely see Ronaldo appear heartbroken but sadly it was the case here. Post-match footage from the dressing room featured an inconsolable Ronaldo, who couldn’t help but burst into tears, an indication of just how much the match meant to him.