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Amazon Prime cameraman following Mikel Arteta has fans in splits

Amazon Prime cameraman following Mikel Arteta has fans in splits

Amazon Prime’s ‘All or Nothing’ sports documentary series is one fans patiently wait for every year.

Each edition of the show shines the light on a particular club, covering its exploits on and off the pitch.

From training sessions and personal interviews to transfer activity and locker-room bust-ups, the cameras cover it all and put it out there for everyone to see.

While the show gives fans an insight into the footballing world, this clip which recently emerged online gives us an insight into how these moments are captured.

Next year’s iteration of the show centres around Arsenal Football Club.

Naturally, cameramen have been following every move the Gunners make, the extent of which can be seen in the clip.

The clip captures Arsenal gaffer Mikel Arteta and new Arsenal W.F.C player Laura Wienroither.

The Austrian defender can be seen posing for pictures while a passing Mikel Arteta offers her a warm welcome to the club.

After welcoming her, the Arsenal boss quickly darts into a hallway, and as the camera pans out, one can spot a pursuing cameraman doing his best to keep up with the Spaniard.

The clip does go on to show that the method of capturing these moments isn’t exactly as ‘fly on the wall’ as one might have assumed.

Nonetheless, considering the quality of the editions we’ve received, it might just be a case of the ends justifying the means.

Despite only being at the halfway point of the season, Arsenal’s ‘All or Nothing’ is already shaping up to be a thrilling one.

Watching behind-the-scenes footage of the Gunners’ resurgence from the bottom half of the table to the top 4 contentions is an exciting prospect.

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