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Mags To Riches: Amazon Chronicling Newcastle For An Upcoming All or Nothing Doc

Mags To Riches: Amazon Chronicling Newcastle For An Upcoming All or Nothing Doc

Amazon’s All or Nothing series has taken the world of sports by storm.

The series has been a popular hit among fans, offering an all-access, behind-the-scenes look at some of the top teams in the world. It provides a unique and intimate glimpse into the lives of players and coaches as they compete in some of the most competitive leagues in the world.

The first instalment of the Amazon Studios produced series focused on the NFL team Arizona Cardinals and was released in 2016. The success prompted Amazon to not only release further NFL instalments but also venture into other sports like football (soccer) and rugby.

One of the things that set All Or Nothing apart from other sports documentaries is the level of access that it provides. The series uses state-of-the-art technology and equipment to capture every aspect of the team’s journey, from practice sessions and film study to in-game action and post-game press conferences. This level of detail allows fans to experience the ups and downs of the season in real time, providing an incredibly intimate look into the lives of the players, coaches, and staff.

With the growing appetite for such docu-series across the globe, Amazon decided to venture into the world of the most popular sport in the world, football.

The first attempt made was the 2018 release of a Manchester City-focused show. With a star-studded squad, the team was and still is, led by the legendary manager Pep Guardiola, and the series gave fans a glimpse into the tactical decisions, motivational speeches, and intense training sessions that take place at the club.

A couple of years later came another PL instalment, with Tottenham Hotspur in focus, a team that has experienced both success and disappointment in recent years. This series created an instant buzz due to their then-manager Jose Mourinho, an enigma revered by many.

The last PL-focused series so far came via All Or Nothing: Arsenal, in 2022. This series, too, was an instant success, as it focused on an inexperienced manager in Mikel Arteta and his squad, which was the youngest in the league.

With three of the PL Big Six covered, we could have assumed that the next team on their radar would be one of Chelsea, United or Liverpool. But reports have now confirmed that they have decided to go for another team, one which is threatening to break into this exclusive club and make it a Big Seven: Newcastle United.

And we can see why the American organization has chosen this English club. There is immense production value.

The Tyneside club has been recently bought by new Gulf owners and has made smart acquisitions, both on and off the pitch.

Eddie Howe as the manager, and key players like Bruno, Wilson, Trippier and Pope, have all arrived in the last few years. All this has turned Newcastle from a club that usually aimed at only surviving in the league to a club that is fighting for Europe.

The idea of a potential documentary was first floated back in August, and this has finally been confirmed, much to the pleasure of the Toon army.

A deal has been agreed upon with Amazon for a four-part series and will be hoping that the series, and the show, ends on a high, with a Champions League qualification.

With previous seasons of the series being so successful, Amazon would be hoping they can produce similar results with this one as well.

No release date has been announced as of now.