Photo – Amazon spotted promoting new All or Nothing: Tottenham series on Arsenal territory


Labeled as the Jose Mourinho show, Amazon’s All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur docuseries has arrived on streaming platform Prime Video.

Currently rated 9 on IMDB, the documentary offers an exclusive look at the day-to-day operations of a mega Premier League club.

Amazon already showed their marketing prowess when billboards were seen promoting the new Spurs doc near Manchester United’s Old Trafford stadium and Chelsea home ground Stamford Bridge. Two clubs previously managed by Jose Mourinho.

The mega corporation has seemingly gone a step above in their efforts to promote the series as posters were seen at the Finsbury Park Tube station.

The Finsbury Park station is the nearest tube station to Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium. So, it naturally becomes a spot for Arsenal fans to arrive whenever they go to watch their side play.

Now, we are all aware of the nasty rivalry between Spurs and Arsenal and seeing posters of Tottenham players & their manager did not sit well the Gunners fans when they spotted the new promotional material.

Spurs fans on the other hand were absolutely in love with the shithousery on display by Amazon.

Check out the reactions below –


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