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Daniel Kaluuya joins Arsenal for Amazon Prime docu series All or Nothing

Daniel Kaluuya joins Arsenal for Amazon Prime docu series All or Nothing

The All or Nothing series produced by Amazon Studios is popular among fans of different sports. With regards to football, the series has covered Juventus, Manchester City, and Tottenham in the last few seasons.

What helps the show’s success is that it takes us beyond what happens on the pitch. It helps in humanising the people involved in the sport, by giving spectators a look at proceedings behind the scenes.

This year the series covers Arsenal’s performance in the 2021/22 season. Given the rollercoaster ride this season has been for the club, people are looking forward to its release as soon as possible.

They will only be more excited with the recent revelation that Academy award-winning actor Daniel Kaluuya will be narrating the series. Kaluuya is a talented actor with excellent movies such as Get Out, Judas and the Black Messiah, etc. under his repertoire.

His talent will add another touch of finesse to the well-acclaimed series. However, what excites Arsenal fans the most is the fact he is one of their own. One look at his Wikipedia page tells us that he is a hardcore supporter of the club.

Having such a close connection to the club, Kaluuya’s narration will be filled with the emotions and feelings that many others would have felt throughout this season. Few glimpses from the recording studio are already impressing the fans.

The end of the season will be an interesting one for Arsenal. Although difficult, they still could make it to the Champions League after five seasons, if things go their way.

However things go, people will be looking forward to the documentary’s release. With Kaluuya’s narration, it will be a must-watch for everyone.