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Nan Of The Match: Everton grandma caught spanking Joachim Andersen at Goodison Park

Nan Of The Match: Everton grandma caught spanking Joachim Andersen at Goodison Park

In front of the thundering Evertonian home support, the Merseyside Blues walked onto the turf at Goodison, with the minimum requirement being 3 points. 

A stern challenge awaited them, in the form of Partick Viera’s impressive Crystal Palace. 

With survival in the top flight at stake, the players certainly needed to be up for it, and so did the fans. 

As they’ve shown previously this season, the Blue home support have left no stone unturned on their behalf, be it protesting against the ownership or creating a hostile atmosphere for any opposition. 

They were in top form once again, even as Palace went 2-0 up, Everton supporters kept Goodison noisy. 

And when their side capped off an incredible comeback and went 3-2 up, they invaded the pitch, blue flares in hand. 

If that weren’t enough to convince you of their commitment, this clip will surely do the trick. 

Captured during the final minutes of the game, Dele Alli and Joachim Andersen appear to be tussling over the ball near the touchline. 

Unhappy with the Everton midfielder’s time-wasting antics, Andersen pushes Dele away to reclaim the ball. In the background sit Everton fans, and they were evidently furious with the Dane’s efforts. 

Plenty of indecent gestures were sent his way before someone’s nan decided to take matters into her own hands. As the Palace player walked away, she leaned forward, stretched out and essentially spanked the centre back.

Judging by Andersen’s non-reaction, he probably didn’t feel it. And while the fan’s efforts at fazing him went in vain, the sheer spirit is certainly commendable.