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Marcos Alonso praised but Chelsea fans bring shame with vile behaviour

Marcos Alonso praised but Chelsea fans bring shame with vile behaviour

A series of unfortunate events seem to have blighted the Premier League in recent times.

Only months after a medical emergency prompted the Tottenham-Newcastle game to a halt, another similar incident came about during the recent clash between Chelsea and Watford at Vicarage Road.

Going into the 13th minute of the game, referee David Coote called the players off the pitch following a medical emergency in the stands.

As Watford’s Adam Masina was getting treatment near the sidelines after going down with a possible injury, it became apparent that something serious had taken place in the Graham Taylor Stands.

A fan in the Watford end had apparently collapsed after suffering a cardiac arrest. 

The incident soon produced commotion around the stands, as players grew anxious themselves, covering their faces as they continued to look over to where things were unfolding.

The game stood suspended, and both the teams were taken off the field.

Images have now emerged that suggest Chelsea’s Marcos Alonso had played a pivotal role in the whole affair. The left-back immediately alerted the referee and medical staff about the situation, who then came rushing across the pitch to offer quick treatment.

However, eyewitness reports also surfaced online of Chelsea fans causing embarrassing scenes in the away end. Unhappy with the stoppage, some fans were resorted to chanting about the ill Watford supporter.   

Some untoward remarks were heard from a very small minority of Blues fans, leaving the majority of Chelsea fans in attendance mortified. Some fans were apparently evicted from the stadium as well.

Fortunately, the game resumed not long after announcements were made that the Watford supporter had been stabilized.

Chelsea went on to secure a crucial win after Hakim Ziyech scored the winner, giving Thomas Tuchel’s men a 2-1 lead in the 72nd minute.