The moment referee Anthony Taylor pretends to shoot the ball during Chelsea-Liverpool

Liverpool’s visit to Stamford Bridge was a thrilling one.

The two heavyweights played out a high octane draw, one which had fans on the edge of their seats.

And going by this clip, it would seem that even the official was engaged.

In charge of officiating duties for the fixture was Anthony Taylor.

His performance on the night was passable aside from some usual grievances from fans over minor calls.

The English referee has been in the game for almost 2 decades now, so perhaps it is plausible that the 43-year-old would like to get into the action himself once in a while.

While we’re probably not going to see that, fans did get to witness the ref’s thoughts on what Marcos Alonso should’ve done.

Upon being found by a Thiago Silva lob in the Liverpool box, the Spaniard went full stretch in an attempt to latch onto the ball.

Unfortunately, there was simply too much on it and it went hopelessly out of play.

The incident prompted a spring from the English ref along with some angled movement of his left foot, clearly indicating a volley.

Perhaps a hint at what Taylor would’ve done if he was in Alonso’s shoes or rather what he wished Alonso would do considering the fullback is known for having a rocket of a left foot.