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Gorgeous new Leeds United concept kit throws back to unsavoury past

Gorgeous new Leeds United concept kit throws back to unsavoury past

A new concept kit, released by Twitter user ‘KonceptKitz‘, which centres around Leeds United has received unanimous praise from fans online. The kit itself is a new rendition of the Peacocks’ away shirt for the 02/04 seasons. 

The original kit provided by American sportswear brand Nike features an almost spectrum-like design running through the middle, along with blue stripes around the collar and sleeves. 

The shirt itself perhaps won’t induce much happiness for Whites’ fans considering the turbulent campaigns the club endured. 

The 02/03 season saw the departures of Rio Ferdinand and Robbie Keane due to looming debt issues, culminating in a 15th place finish and narrowly avoiding relegation. 

Leeds United 2022/04 away shirt sponsored by Strongbow and manufactured by Nike.

The worst was yet to come unfortunately as the 03/04 season saw Leeds United relegated to the first division, after 14 years in the top flight, with crippling financial issues adding to the turmoil. 

Despite the unsavoury memories, the concept kit was well received by Leeds fans. The renditions feature a sponsor update along with a fresh new look. 

Retaining the yellow of the original, the remake includes textured patterns running across the middle, recreating the spectrum-like design of the original. 

Three solitary blue stripes can be seen on the sleeves, a fitting addition considering Leeds United’s current kit suppliers Adidas. 

Concept design based on 02/04 away kit

Leeds faithful loved the fresh new take, the gorgeous kit was appreciated by many and going by the responses a decent number of fans would readily purchase the shirt.