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Michail Antonio goes full John Cena on Watford defender

Michail Antonio goes full John Cena on Watford defender

Aside from his goal-scoring prowess, Jamaican forward Michail Antonio is also known for his freakish strength.

Standing at 5’9, the number 9 certainly isn’t amongst the tallest in the league, despite the comparative lack of verticality the Jamaican is a powerhouse, effectively using his strength to shake off pursuers.

Hammers fans are of course well aware of this fact and it would seem that the man himself is pretty proud of this attribute as well.

The 31-year-old took to Twitter to post a clip showcasing the latest display of his power.

The clip itself originates from West Ham’s 4-1 victory away at Watford, a game in which Antonio failed to find the back of the net, nonetheless, the striker managed to grab himself a highlight.

In the clip, Antonio can be seen tussling with Watford centre-back Francisco Sierralta. The Chilean in his efforts to stop the striker from getting to the ball initially shoves Antonio before essentially pushing the Jamaican with full force.

Antonio then retorts with a full-fledged WWE-esque manoeuvre, using his sheer strength to bring Sierralta crashing down onto the turf.

Keeping in line with the wrestling nature of the challenge, the Jamaican used the caption ‘Sometimes you just gotta handle business… #YouCantSeeMe’.

The hashtag is a reference to WWE legend John Cena and if that didn’t make it obvious enough, the clip also features Cena’s walkout song.

It seems even professional footballers’ accounts are not safe from copyright strikes as the video has been removed. You can check out the incident below –