Said Benrahma and Michail Antonio celebrated first goal v Crystal Palace with hilarious celebration

A riveting encounter at Selhurst Park last night saw West Ham claim all three points against Crystal Palace after surviving a late comeback scare. 

The Hammers were first to strike on the night via Michail Antonio, who found the net midway through the first half after gliding the ball past Vicente Guaita from Said Benrahma’s sublime cross.

The goal, crucial as it was, was made all the more memorable thanks to Antonio and Benrahma, who busted out a rather impromptu celebration to mark West Ham’s first.

The duo was seen sharing a jubilant embrace near the opposition’s goal line after which goal scorer Antonio performed a dive and fell flat on the turf with arms and legs outstretched before being joined in by other teammates a second later. 

And just as Antonio seemed about to get up, Benrahma, who stood above him, decided to sit on the back of the striker as though imitating a rider, in what appeared to be a spur-of-the-moment celebration.

This isn’t the first time West Ham players have belted such a move, for the past is rife with examples showcasing how elaborate and involved they tend to get while celebrating goals.

Hammer fans, however, seem to have taken a particular liking for the recent celebration, seeing as how it involves Antonio and Benrahma, the duo that has been so pivotal to their success this season.

West Ham went on to score two more goals before the half, while conceding two in the last ten minutes before managing to pull through, earning a decisive victory to begin the year in a grand fashion.

David Moyes’ men now sit at fifth place on the back of the latest win, one point shy of a European spot.