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This moment between Cristiano Ronaldo and Aaron Lennon has fans nostalgic

This moment between Cristiano Ronaldo and Aaron Lennon has fans nostalgic

Manchester United ended the year with a comfortable 3-1 win over visiting side Burnley at Old Trafford.

Aside from the encounter which entailed Ralf Rangnick three wins from four in the league, fans also stood witness to one brilliant moment of camaraderie before kick-off that seemed to turn the clock back on Premier League.

Seconds before the kick-off, United’s Cristiano Ronaldo was seen on the half-line sharing a light moment with opposition player Aaron Lennon. 

The duo, shaking their hands, was caught on tape as Ronaldo appeared to be suggesting something to Lennon, evoking laughter and acknowledgement before the Portuguese gave him the big thumbs-up sign.

Stalwarts in their own respective right, both Ronaldo and Lennon have had great battles over the years as part of two opposing teams during their formative years, the former representing United and the latter Tottenham Hotspur.

And the significance of this mini-reunion was not lost on fans, who felt it was a nostalgic throwback to the mid-’00s Barclays Premier League when money wasn’t such an influential denominator yet, and passion was still at the forefront of the sport.

With so much history together, it comes as no surprise that the duo were revelling in each other’s company, albeit for a brief moment.

In fact, both Ronaldo and Lennon found the net for their respective teams on the night, achieving the remarkable distinction of being the only two active players to have scored in both 2005-06 and 2021-22 seasons of the English League (Rich Jolly).

What an extraordinary reunion indeed, one that both will hopefully remember in the years to come.