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Jadon Sancho Shuts Down Raheem Sterling For Making Fun of His CR7 Fandom

Jadon Sancho Shuts Down Raheem Sterling For Making Fun of His CR7 Fandom

Jadon Sancho is a certified Cristiano Ronaldo fan-boy. The Englishman was able to fulfil his dream of playing alongside his hero when the Portuguese forward rejoined Manchester United last year. ‘Scary Hours’ was how Sancho described the entire situation which saw Ronaldo join the Red Devils in a rapid deal.

Even though last season wasn’t exactly a prolific one for Sancho or the Red Devils, the winger did enjoy some memorable moments with his idol. Be it imitating his ‘SIUUU’ celebration after goals or linking up with his on and off the pitch, the 22-year-old definitely lived his dream.

Being a big fan of the Portuguese superstar, Sancho probably does get a little bit of stick from his friends and teammates. Recently, he sat down with his England teammate and Chelsea winger Raheem Sterling for an episode of ‘England Reacts’ – where England players react to grassroots footballers.

This episode revolved around showing world-class goals scored at the grassroots level and having the two react to it. At one point, the video showed one player scoring a brilliant side volley that surprised both Sancho and Sterling. The United winger claimed: “He didn’t mean it, but a goal’s a goal!”

That seemingly annoyed the Chelsea star, who snapped back: “What do you mean he didn’t mean it?”, to which Sancho replied: “He meant the action, but he didn’t mean it to go to the top corner. You see the Ronaldo one?”

Sterling was flabbergasted with his teammate’s obsession with Ronaldo and just replied: “Every day Ronaldo, every day Ronaldo bro, we get it that you play with him.”  Sancho had a brilliant comeback ready for this, as he just answered: “Brother, if you want his shirt, just let me know!”

Sterling took it in good spirits and just burst into a bit of laughter. Of course, the ex-Liverpool player has admitted that he was a massive Manchester United fan while growing up – which means he probably was a Ronaldo supporter himself back during his first stint at Old Trafford.

Cristiano Ronaldo is recognized as one of the greatest of all time. So it’s understandable why some very talented young players are still fanboying over him. Sancho will hope he can create some magic with his idol at Old Trafford this season and help United compete for major titles.