Twitter Reacts as Michael Olise Offers Painfully Direct Replies in Post-Match Interview

The indubitable hero in the West Ham v. Crystal Palace game was Michael Olise. The 20-year-old Frenchman snatched 3 points for Crystal Palace after scoring a 94th-minute winner against David Moyes’ side. It’s worth noting that the win is also the first time the Eagles have won away from home this season.

Despite being the winning club’s first choice for speaking in the post-match interview, Olise clearly didn’t want to say much. And his reluctance to say anything of substance created one of the most hilarious interviews in EPL history.

The interview began with the interviewer asking the Frenchman how he scored the goal. Olise, with an absolutely straight face, says, “I think Wilf passed me the ball. Shot. Scored.”

When he’s asked how it felt to hit the back of the net, he simply says that it felt good. No more, no less. 

The final question of the interview was whether the Crystal Palace midfielder believed that his side deserved the victory. Olise simply replied with a perfunctory, “Yeah.” And that’s that. 

To be fair to the 20-year-old, he’s never been much of a talker with many people believing that to be a sign of his focus and hopefully, an elite future in the sport. 

The match was a thriller with West Ham snatching the lead early in the first half itself with Benrahma’s overhead kick going into the back of the net from outside the penalty box. It would have been a fitting souvenir for his 100th appearance for West Ham

Unfortunately for him, Zaha equalised in the 41st minute after a blunder from Kehrer on the defence line. And the winning goal itself was an immaculate screamer from the top corner of the penalty box into the far post. 

The win takes Crystal Palace into the 10th position of the English Premier League with a total tally of 19 points, having played 13 matches.

That also brings the club within 4 points of the League’s top 5 and takes their winning streak to 3 matches. West Ham, on the other hand, are placed 15th in the table with only 14 points.


Twitter Reactions

@AraujoGOAT – Trying his best to be Haaland 😭

@paul76073 – Can someone tell this lad he’s not in a music video and he’s not meant to be talking in “lyrics” and actually give a conversation with the interviewer?

@UpperTierSteve – He is different gravy

@userrisgone – I see he went to the haaland school of interviews

@TomMeiring – Interviewer not getting much here @Adam_Lewis412

@MSaybul – Tbf I think these reporters need better questions.

@razor5edge – This is who Ben White thinks he is when he does interviews.

@tropicthundr – Maybe one day football journalists might actually ask competent questions. Until then, this is how players should respond

@confusedkun – i have no issue with players having this attitude towards the media/interviewers. absolute superficial questions and they’re the first to misquote players in the name of sensationalism.

@Manners16 – “talk me through your goal” is the shittest question ever

@cauliflower616 – Journo’s ask the deadest questions. You don’t have to watch any of the match to ask those questions. Ask more open, insightful questions.

@BenPriest – This guy is one of the most talented and flamboyant young players in the PL. I love this interview as a contrast. How it is.

@MagicVindaloo – Not really a question, but look at this! I say Arsenal should sign him IMMEDIATELY and pair him for post match interviews with Ben White @arseblog @gunnerblog #arsecastextra

@BrioschiAlex – poor kid has awful social skills, feel embarrassed for him. Hopefully he grows and has plenty of learning ahead of him!

@Jayp222221 – Calm down  lad sounds a bit  too excited…

@Scrivum – Mate I fucking love this guy, he’s like me at work sometimes 😂

@VEverettmfl – Weird replies criticising a young man who just answers the questions. He’s clearly a talented young footballer. He’s getting his first experience of dealing with the press and it’s no nonsense, honest and just him being him. What else do you want?

@RyanODell75 – He answered the questions without the football jargon. Accept and move on.

@JA9baller – Economical and efficient interview, like his play