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Emma Louise Jones Upset Over Incorrect Age on Fake Tinder Profile Using Her Snaps

Emma Louise Jones Upset Over Incorrect Age on Fake Tinder Profile Using Her Snaps

Just a week ago, Jones bashed an online troll who responded to her Instagram story in which she asks why her arm looks like Judi Hench.

The troll passed a tasteless and uncalled-for comment in her DMs saying that she could throw him around the bedroom if she liked. Jones destroyed the troll by sharing the chat on her story with the caption “No Joshua.”

Barely a week after taking the aforementioned Instagram troll down, Jones has come out once again in response to a fake Tinder profile using her snaps to catfish other users. 

Posting an image of the catfish on her Instagram story, Jones wrote the caption, “If you’re going to fake a profile, please don’t make me older 😭😭”.

The fake profile sourced Emma Jones’ snaps from her social media, named the profile ‘Amber’ and displayed an age of 35 years.

Now, Jones is presently 32 years old and the images that were used in the fake profile were taken a few years ago. 

In a humorous turn of events, the gorgeous Match of the Day host was not pleased with the false age that was displayed. She didn’t, however, said a word about the use of her photos.

Notably, this is not the first time the Sports Presenter has lashed out at catfish profiles using her pictures.

2 years ago, Jones took to Twitter to lament the inaccuracies in another fake Tinder profile named “Charlie”, using her images. She tweeted, “I’m not even sure where to start with the inaccuracies on this fake Tinder profile 🤦🏼‍♀️😂”

Jones has been the talk of the internet countless times with one of the most recent being the result of an interview with John Fox where she revealed that because she has a huge bosom, she would often honk accidentally while getting out of her car. 

Emma Jones has a fairly large social media presence with over 400k followers on her Instagram profile and 315k followers on her Twitter profile.

She’s a massive supporter of the English side Leeds United and is, of course, best known for her role on the BBC network as host of the Match of the Day program.