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Don Hutchinson in hot waters for using Paul Pogba slander to praise Bukayo Saka

Don Hutchinson in hot waters for using Paul Pogba slander to praise Bukayo Saka

Paul Pogba has often found himself on the receiving end of some criticism ever since making a return to Manchester United.

While the French international is a world-class player, he hasn’t always consistently delivered during his second spell with the Red Devils. Understandably, some of the criticism levelled at the 28-year old midfielder are level headed.

That said, Pogba’s larger than life image off the field hasn’t done him justice, as far as detractors are concerned, who end up making some over the top comments about him every once in a while.

A recent case of such an indictment was in evidence during the Weekend Review when Don Hutchinson indirectly spoke critically of the French midfielder.

Speaking highly of Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka, Hutchinson suggested that the youngster was “humble” and “brilliant inside the dressing room”, things he seemed to insinuate was lacking in Pogba.

“I’ll never look at Saka there having a yellow tinge in his hair…or earrings dangling down,” said the former footballer turned analyst.

“He’s (Saka) just a humble guy that speaks really well, who I can imagine is brilliant inside the dressing room.”

Hutchinson was allegedly making a point to compare Saka’s modesty with that of Pogba’s extravagant behaviour off-field.

Pogba’s flashy style, which includes eye-catching hairstyles and fashionable earrings, have often been a point of contention, with detractors claiming the French international isn’t focused enough on his performances.

However, Hutchinson’s comment didn’t sit well with most fans, who thought of the remark as “unwarranted hate” for the midfielder.

One even considered it to be “the most damaging form of implicit bias”, while another was suggestive of an agenda displayed by pundits.

Perhaps the comment was indeed unjustified, considering it had nothing to do with Pogba’s ability and everything with his lifestyle, which has no direct bearing on his professionalism.