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The signature boots Sadio Mane and Mo Salah are about to unleash at AFCON

The signature boots Sadio Mane and Mo Salah are about to unleash at AFCON

The quality on show during this year’s African Cup of Nations (AFCON) makes it an unmissable event. 

Amongst the various superstars on show are Liverpool’s trailblazing pair of Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah. 

The pair are set to represent Senegal and Egypt respectively, and the possibility of the two facing each other will surely be a strange prospect for Reds’ fans. 

Nonetheless, something everyone can unanimously praise are the newly released boots which the pair are ready to unleash in the tournament. 

The Lion Roars

Beginning with the scintillating Senegalese International, Mane’s boots supplied by sponsor New Balance are a custom version of the ‘Furon v6’.

The modifications are nifty additions that make it tournament ready. 

The boots are doused in orange and adorned with blue and red graphics. 

Thematically, the graphics follow Mane’s nickname ‘Lion’ and include a splash art at the heel consisting of his signature lion logo. 

The logo is emblazoned with the phrase ‘The Lion Roars’ and also displays the Liverpool forwards initials and shirt number. 

The vivid blend of colours make the boot a sight to behold, a custom soleplate further adds to its splendour. 

The soleplate showcases illustrations of the forward at the peak of his powers whilst donning his nation’s shirt. 

Prepare for Battle

Moving on to the electric Egyptian, Mohamed Salah’s new custom boots are equally breathtaking. 

Supplied by sponsor Adidas, the Egyptian was perhaps due a special edition for quite some time now, but nonetheless, they have arrived on a fitting occasion. 

Named ‘Prepare for Battle x Speedflow MS.1’, the boots come in white/gold metallic/scarlet. 

Themed around Salah’s nickname ‘The Egyptian King’ the boots play host to a grand blend of gold, white and red, bringing to life a pair of boots fit for a king. 

The boots are limited edition and only 1069 of them will be manufactured, and the number 69 holds a special significance. 

69 is the number of goals the Liverpool forward needs to reach in order to become his nation’s all-time top scorer, he currently sits at 19.

On the heel of the boots are Salah’s logo and a motif, just below them sits a unique number that will denote its limited-edition nature. 

The two African stars now have the boots to match their mercurial talents, and the prospect of the two facing off against each other is surely an exciting one. 

charlie rooke

Thursday 13th of January 2022

give me a free pair pls X