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The Qatar World Cup stadium turning heads due to its Lego-inspired design

The Qatar World Cup stadium turning heads due to its Lego-inspired design

The 2022 World Cup set to be hosted in Qatar will feature 8 stunning, eye-catching venues, but perhaps one will manage to stand out due to its eccentric nature.

The venue in question is the aptly named Stadium 974, located in Ras Abu Aboud in Qatar.

The stands of the stadium have primarily been constructed using repurposed shipping containers, with the name coming from the number of containers (974) that has been used.

Situated next to the Doha port, the stadium offers a gorgeous overhead view, and also consists of a modular steel frame alongside the containers.

Due to the nature of its composition, it can apparently be taken apart like one would a Lego set, and then subsequently put back together again to create smaller separate venues.

The stadium does have a look to it which one might associate with the popular kids’ toy, as it has been constructed with blocks of different colours on the exterior.

Inside Stadium 974

Don’t let the peculiar look deter you, the 40,000 seater stadium is more than capable, and also houses a concession stand inside

Unsurprisingly, the idea for the stadium’s design was indeed conceptualized using Legos as inspiration as stated by those who conceived it, namely Spanish architecture firm Fenwick Iribarren.

The unique design ended up picked as it offered lower construction costs alongside its portside location which offers better sustainability.

Stadium 974 will play host to 7 games in the World Cup, a global spectacle that draws closer as each day passes.