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The stick figure family tattoo on Lorenzo Insigne’s neck has been updated

The stick figure family tattoo on Lorenzo Insigne’s neck has been updated

It’s no secret that footballers love getting their bodies embellished with tattoos, so much so that it’s hard to come up with names of those who aren’t actually inked.

Some of these body arts are outright bizarre, while others have interesting stories behind them. The case of Italian international Lorenzo Insigne is that of the latter, whose neck tattoo had caught fans’ attention during last summer’s Euro.

The 30-year-old Napoli forward, then, was seen with a fairly simple tattoo during Italy’s quarter-finals clash against Belgium.

Insigne’s tattoo as seen during the Euros

Three stick figures presumably depicting a family, thought to portray a father, mother and a child, were inked on the back of his neck. 

Although it wasn’t certain, fans were understandably quick to suggest that the child represented Insigne’s firstborn, Carmine, while the other two were Insigne himself and his wife, Genoveffa Darone.

But the reasons as to why the tattoo didn’t feature Christian, the couple’s second child, had fans baffled just as much. 

However, new images have surfaced online wherein Insigne appears to have had the tattoo modified. An additional stick figure of a second child now flanks the man in the tattoo, completing the family of four.

The updated stick figure family tattoo

If at all the tattoo represents Insigne’s little family, it’s a bit of a wonder why he didn’t get it completely done initially, having left out the figure representing his second-born, Christian, the first time around.

In any case, now that the tattoo is seemingly complete, fans are in awe of the Italian’s little gesture and have branded him as a downright family man – perhaps rightfully so.