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18 y/o Nemanja Motika is the latest Bayern player to get absolutely jacked

18 y/o Nemanja Motika is the latest Bayern player to get absolutely jacked

Continuing the recent tradition of Bayern players being physically transformed in just a few months, photos have emerged of young Serbian winger Nemanja Motika looking extremely muscular and well-built in the frame.

The quick, pacy winger who was born in Berlin to Serbian parents, joined Bayern München’s academy back in 2017 and made his debut for the Bavarians’ reserve squad, Bayern Munich II, just this year.

His performances this season have been superb, and his dynamic yet decisive style of play has helped him bag 18 goals and nine assists in all competitions this season.

Bayern have received a lot of attention in recent times regarding the physicality of their players, as a number of squad members have undergone a dramatic body transformation since joining the club.

Photographs of many players including Leon Goretzka, Robert Lewandowski and Alphonso Davies suddenly turning jacked have been met with a mixture of awe and bemusement on social media.

Now, in the newest addition to this trend, young forward Nemanja Motika, who has always maintained a slim, lean figure, has been pictured all bulked up in a recent squad photo. The Serbian can be seen flexing his shredded figure and toned abs, highlighting the increase in muscle mass.

Former Bayern chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has always insisted how players representing the proud German club have to be physically and mentally fit, always.

As such, Bayern players are reportedly put on a strict diet and exercise routine designed to focus on muscle gain and development, complete with their own personal physiotherapist, leading to a lot many players looking completely transformed just a short while after joining the club.

It is, therefore, no surprise to see another gem of Bayern’s academy, Nemanja Motika, bulking up considerably.

It is even being reported that a number of clubs have been keeping an eye on the 18-year-old with regards to a possible transfer in January.

Werder Bremen and Hamburg are reportedly among the clubs offering him an opportunity for first-team football this winter. Looking at his ripped figure, who’s to blame them for wanting him in their team.