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Throwback to the powerful speech from Pep Guardiola after Man City’s 100-point title win

Throwback to the powerful speech from Pep Guardiola after Man City’s 100-point title win

Often regarded as one of the best managers not just of his generation, but of all time, Pep Guardiola has truly transformed Manchester City ever since he arrived at the club back in 2016.

The Spaniard has won everything there is to win in his career spanning well over 15 years as a manager, although the Champions League trophy has eluded him since his time at Barcelona.

In a viral clip released by Amazon Prime from their All or Nothing documentary, we can see just how big of a champion he is, as Pep is seen addressing his players after Manchester City’s first Premier League triumph.

The clip shows City manager Pep Guardiola describing his own story, a rousing tale of how a 13-year-old ball-boy in a small country got a chance to play for the team in his heart and ultimately, the tremendous privilege of managing it at a young age of just 34.

In just 4 years, the Spaniard proclaims how he managed to ‘destroy’ football, seemingly wanting to imply the massive, unbounded success Barcelona had under him.

He applauds the similar efforts his players put in throughout the season, which led City to the Premier League 2016/17 title. That summer, Manchester City won the Premier League trophy by a mammoth 19 points, breaching the 100-point barrier that even Sir Alex’s famed United never managed.

Pep then goes on to display the hallmark of a true champion when he further explains that despite all media hype around the fact that it was the manager that led the team to success, it was actually his players to whom the colossal achievement truly belongs, for they are the ones that actually bring his ideas to the pitch.

The short video gives us just another example of how the best in the business operate and go about celebrating their successes.

Don’t worry, the clip made the hair on our neck stand up as well. That’s what listening to one of the greatest football managers for just a few seconds gets us. Rousing, indeed.