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Adidas ends sponsorship of Kurt Zouma after video shows him punting cat

Adidas ends sponsorship of Kurt Zouma after video shows him punting cat

Things continue to go from bad to worse for West Ham United defender Kurt Zouma.

The Frenchman landed himself in hot water after a video of him drop-kicking and slapping his pet cat emerged.

The horrific clip also showed Zouma chasing the poor pet around the house and even hurling a shoe at it.

Naturally, the outrage was massive and many severe penalties have followed since.

While Zouma remained in the starting lineup for West Ham’s game against Watford, his time on the pitch was filled with taunting from opposition fans.

Aside from this, the club have confirmed that they have fined the player £250,000, a sum which will go towards animal charities.

His cats have also been promptly taken away from his residence by the UK animal welfare charity RSPCA, which confirmed that they are safe and in their care.

Furthering his many punishments, his sponsor German sportswear brand Adidas have also confirmed that they have decided to end their professional relationship with the player.

Going by various reports online, this might not be the end of the penalties with some reports even suggesting jail time in France.

While the legibility of such reports may vary, what stands confirmed is the massive stain on Zouma’s reputation this case has left.

And it remains to be seen whether Zouma can regain any goodwill amongst fans in the future.


Friday 11th of February 2022

This is horrible !!!!!! Im beside myself I can t stand people who abuse animals!!!!!!!! Whatever heinous act one decides to do to an animal, should also be done to them!!!!!!!!!!

Rosemary HiLL

Thursday 10th of February 2022

I am so glad this is being taken Seriously and not brushed under the carpet how many times as he done this before so glad they have taken the cats off him .


Thursday 10th of February 2022

In no way should the jerk be allowed to play on any team. He is a criminal. Kurt Zouma belongs behind bars.

Lynne Coulson

Thursday 10th of February 2022

Thank goodness animal cruelty is finally being taken seriously and this piece of scum is being punished for what he has done to the poor cat.

Debra Ross

Thursday 10th of February 2022

He should be charged for cruelty to the poor cat. Probably not the first time he has abused these cats!