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Leicester trio slammed for partying till 5 am after FA Cup loss

Leicester trio slammed for partying till 5 am after FA Cup loss

Three Leicester players have gotten themselves in trouble for ‘partying’ after Nottingham Forest defeated them in the latest FA Cup clash. Video footage had been circulating all over social media, where the players were seen partying till the early hours of Monday morning.

Nottingham Forest humiliated Leicester when they met this Sunday, in a 4-1 stunner. Forest’s Philip Zinckernagel, Brennan Johnson, Joe Worrall, and Djed Spence found their way in the net, while Leicester were left exhausted. Iheanacho’s attempt only managed to bring Leicester a consolation goal as the defeat saw the reigning champion’s campaign exit the competition.

Fans were furious enough when they found the footage of Leicester’s Hamza Choudhury, Danny Ward, and James Justin “up partying till 5 am”.


Fans were furious and equally saddened by the footage. Is partying a form of relaxing after such a heavy loss? Or are these players indifferent to the significance of important matches like these? What does this say about the club’s discipline and ethics?

The backlash over the Instagram story forced the user to remove it from the social platform. The players have not yet commented on the incident. 

The players were cheerful and were seen singing and vibing at a party nearby in the early hours of Monday. It was difficult for many fans to have seen them filled with glee after such an impactful loss.

While Hamza had not played, Justin and Ward had played the entire game. However, none of the players seemed very bothered about the defeat.

While most expressed disappointment at the careless behaviour, many saw it as nothing but a video of the players relaxing. However, several people argued that partying right after a 4-1 defeat doesn’t sit right with the mentality of any club.

A fan even asked the players to ‘leave the club’ for such irresponsible behaviour.


This is not the first time that Brendan Rodgers’ side has seen players fall into trouble for partying. Last year, three Leicester players were fined for breaking Covid protocols and going for a party. Hamza Choudhury had been a part of this trio as well.

Brendan Rodgers had commented on this by stressing the fact that despite being ‘good lads’, the players had to be punished for them to learn a lesson.

“There is no animosity, nothing like that, but we have a value to how we work daily and how we prepare for games. If anyone falls short of that, then we have to move on without them”, he had added. 

However, this incident doesn’t question the legality of their actions, but of their ethical standards. It would be interesting to wait for the manager’s statement. A defeat to the local rivals and an apparent sense of indifference among the players may prove to be crucial in Brendan Rodger’s managerial stay. 

He is rumoured to be replacing Ralf Rangnick at Manchester United. With a tough second half ahead of the Foxes, the video has been sending in the wrong message.

Leicester City will have a tough week next, which includes facing Liverpool in Anfield, followed by a clash with the Hammers.