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3 cool features of new Santiago Bernabeu set from toymakers Lego

3 cool features of new Santiago Bernabeu set from toymakers Lego

Over the years, LEGO has developed several footballing creations that have mesmerized fans worldwide.

Stadium replicas are one of the most popular LEGO sets. The company has successfully designed many special stadiums – including Old Trafford and Camp Nou – that are available for sale.

Football fans will now have another stadium added to this lineup, as the company just announced the release for Santiago Bernabeu, the home of Real Madrid.

The new lego stadium will be released to mark the 120th anniversary of the Spanish football club and the 75th anniversary of their home ground.

The 3 key features to look at

  • The intricately designed replica will consist of 5800 lego pieces that can be used to build the stadium, including its scoreboard and tunnels.
  • A completed LEGO San Bernabeu will stand tall at an astonishing 14cm in height, 44cm in breadth, and 38cm in depth.
  • It will consist of a detachable roof and bisection in the middle to help get fans engrossed with the pitch, logos, stairs, towers, and other details, similar to their previous stadiums.

LEGO designer Milan Madge has said that the team had thoroughly enjoyed the process of rebuilding this stadium.

He further added, “Authenticity and sense of scale are key factors in this recreation so that builders can truly feel the atmosphere of this dazzling and vast stadium. This set allows builders to bring the much-loved home base of Real Madrid into their own home for years to come.”

The LEGO Santiago Bernabeu will be available in US and UK from March 1st onwards.