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‘Don’t Jump’: Mohamed Salah caught on camera playing mind games with Jorginho

‘Don’t Jump’: Mohamed Salah caught on camera playing mind games with Jorginho

Mind games are simply a staple in modern football, as players can even resort to name-calling just to discourage their opponents for that extra edge. 

And when it’s time for spot kicks, these antics hit their peak. The shootout between Liverpool and Chelsea was no exception and a number of mind games were played for the duration of 22 penalties.

Most of them came from Kepa and were ultimately unsuccessful. But perhaps the most surprising and noteworthy of all, was Mo Salah’s attempt at unsettling Jorginho

The Italian, who’s known as a penalty expert, was subbed on in the 105th minute, as Thomas Tuchel probably prepared for the possibility of a shootout.

Naturally, he was going to be an obvious target for mind games and Mo Salah certainly had a fair crack at him. 

After slotting in his pen, Salah walked back towards his teammates. However, he did direct a comment towards Jorginho during his walk back, as the Italian was walking towards the spot at the same time. 

While audio isn’t available, fans have interpreted his comment to be “don’t jump”. 

Jorginho is of course known for his signature hop and skip, a manoeuvre that has sent many keepers the wrong way, and Salah looked to discourage the Italian from attempting it. 

Unfortunately for the Egyptian, his attempts went in vain, as Jorginho eventually brought out the skip, and did in fact send Kelleher the wrong way.