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Red-Faced: Arsenal fan suffers toupee disaster, while Cadiz supporter steals a football

Red-Faced: Arsenal fan suffers toupee disaster, while Cadiz supporter steals a football

Football is nothing without fans, an age-old saying which seemingly never loses significance.  Supporters create the fanatical atmospheres one would associate a game of footy with, they chant in solidarity behind their players and they simply are the soul of the beautiful game. 

Additionally, fans also contribute to or even create, some of the funniest moments in football, resulting in timeless images, clips GIFS etc. 

Now we’re almost certain that most fans don’t set out for a trip to the stadium with the possibility of becoming a meme in mind, nevertheless, these 2 supporters managed to garner quite an amount of laughs yesterday. 

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow-

Arsenal‘s trip to Watford made for a truly thrilling game of football. 

And the hosts, despite their commendable efforts, lost the game 3-2.

Football supporters never shy away from expressing their passion, and this Arsenal supporter was perhaps a bit overzealous with his celebrations following the Gunners’ opener.

As seen in the image, it’s likely that the supporter grabbed a handful of his hair following the goal, resulting in his toupee popping up despite the adhesive used. 

‘No one will notice’ –

Have you ever thought of nabbing one of those balls which end up in the crowd, for yourself? 

Well, this Cadiz supporter went above and beyond mere thoughts, and instead had a plan in mind. 

As seen in this clip from Cadiz’s game against Rayo Vallecano, the ball arrives in front of the fan, he then quickly grabs hold of it and begins to stuff it into his pack. 

His efforts, however, appear to go in vain as the darn ball refused to go in, and the fan shoved and shoved to no avail.  His shock is evident in his body language, as he probably realises midway that all eyes and cameras are pointed towards him. 

The clip cuts out before we get to witness the conclusion of the tale, leaving us at a cliffhanger. 

It’s likely that the supporter ended up relinquishing the ball, nevertheless, we certainly hope he managed to get away with it.