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Is Virgil van Dijk making a rap album? Everything we know as Liverpool star drops by JBL HQ

Is Virgil van Dijk making a rap album? Everything we know as Liverpool star drops by JBL HQ

Although Inter Milan went out 1-0 winners at Anfield on Wednesday, over the two legs, Liverpool did not face a lot of turbulence in making their way through to the last eight, courtesy of a sturdy defence led by Virgil Van Dijk. Since his transfer to Liverpool, VVD has completely taken over the responsibility of the defence and has played an invaluable role in their recent successes in the past few years.

VVD’s fans would say that there is a kind of ease with which he plays even during the most competitive games in intense atmospheres and it has been much appreciated. Having cruised to the UCL QF following their Carabao Cup triumph while still being in contention for the FA Cup and the PL, VVD and Liverpool are making it look easy this season.

Perhaps having the comfort of immediate success and the opportunity to build upon it in his hands, VVD has turned to also focus on other personal interests. According to various reports, the Dutchman is currently exploring a new challenge in the music industry and is working on a mixtape along with Dutch rapper Winston ‘Winne’ Bergwijn and JBL.

JBL’s Dutch Instagram page recently shared images of the duo working inside the studio.

The project has taken flight in early November last year as per the Dutch website of the music giant. The website also gave fans a sneak peek into the details of the collaboration, which looks to also promote upcoming talent.

“Virgil van Dijk is not only a great football player but also a very big Hip-Hop and R&B fan. Winne often saw Virgil shine on the pitch, but what he didn’t know is that Virgil often listened to his music for inspiration. That is why JBL is bringing the two men together for the first time this year for the collaboration of the year. Together they look for the hip-hop talent of tomorrow. Talent that needs to be heard.”

Using VVD’s popularity as a brand, his interest in hip-hop clubbed and Winnie’s extensive knowledge of the rap industry in Holland, the duo has brought in unknown artists who want to be represented by the label. The new artists together will be producing an album together in the JBL studio which will be released as Virgil’s mixtape. As per the new Instagram post, the tape will be dropping soon for fans to experience VVD’s curated tracks.