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Why Virgil van Dijk Referred to Wembley as ‘Anfield South’ on Insta

Why Virgil van Dijk Referred to Wembley as ‘Anfield South’ on Insta

In the wake of Liverpool’s thrilling 3-2 aggregate victory over Fulham, securing their spot in the Carabao Cup final, star defender Virgil van Dijk added a touch of humor to the celebrations.

Taking to Instagram, he captioned a post with, “Wembley (Anfield South) we are coming.”

The moniker “Anfield South” isn’t a mere flight of fancy but a testament to Liverpool’s rich history at Wembley.

With 30 competitive appearances before the twin towers were dismantled in 2002, Liverpool boasts a formidable record of 17 wins, 8 losses, and 5 draws at the iconic stadium.

This impressive track record has endeared Wembley to Liverpool fans, who playfully assert that a match at the historic venue feels like a home game.

The nickname itself traces its roots back to Liverpool’s 1980s era, with former club chairman Sir John Smith affectionately dubbing Wembley Stadium “Anfield South.”

This tag has stuck over the years, symbolizing the Reds’ dominance and memorable moments at the renowned football arena.

Liverpool’s recent successes at Wembley, clinching their ninth League Cup in 2022 and their eighth FA Cup title in the same year, only add to the charm of the “Anfield South” legacy.

As the Reds gear up for yet another final, Virgil van Dijk’s playful reference reinforces the enduring bond between Liverpool and Wembley, a home away from home for the spirited club and its passionate fanbase.