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Here’s why YouTuber Lee Gunner is loathed heavily by Arsenal fans

Here’s why YouTuber Lee Gunner is loathed  heavily by Arsenal fans

With two wins on the trot against top tier opposition in Chelsea and Manchester United, Arsenal are flying high. And with 6 crucial points registered on the board, the Gunners look all set to earn a top 4 finish. Naturally, Gooners everywhere are considerably overjoyed. 

Arteta’s Reds have done well to bounce back from 3 consecutive defeats, and have produced 2 confident displays. 

However, amidst all the merriment, stands one lone Gooner who strikes an unsatisfied figure. 

That man goes by the moniker Lee Gunner, most notable known for his YouTube channel which boasts a following of 68,000 subscribers. His content mainly revolves around Arsenal, and he frequently posts match reviews and watch-alongs.

Unfortunately, not every Arsenal supporter is a fan of Lee Gunner, and many even suggest that his loyalties lie elsewhere. 

These claims come as a result of his reactions to Arsenal’s last 2 wins, and they are unenthusiastic, to say the least. 

First up is his rather tame reaction to Bukayo Saka‘s final minute penalty which sealed a win against London rivals Chelsea.

He embarks on a sarcastic description of Saka’s celebrations, before brushing off a derby win as “irrelevant”.

His co-host on the night, ‘OLA’, appeared to be restraining himself from erupting into joy, but even he couldn’t suppress his emotions during the next game. 

As Xhaka’s powerful drive rattled the net against United, OLA provided a fair display of perhaps every Gooner’s reaction and looked ecstatic. Lee, on the other hand, showed a bit more emotion, but his reaction was far from passionate. 

A few shakes of the head to indicate his appreciation was present, but evidently not enough for fans online, who were on his case again. 

Perhaps he’s taken up a cautionary approach in regards to joining in the hype for Arteta’s Reds. If fans online are to be believed, however, Lee Gunner might not be a ‘Gunner’ after all. 


Wednesday 3rd of January 2024

Lee Gunner knows more about The Arsenal than most of the little fan bois who supposedly follow them. TRUTH HURTS. Lee speaks it and people with fragile egos get triggered.