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How Alisson reacted to Jordan Pickford’s timewasting was pure gold

How Alisson reacted to Jordan Pickford’s timewasting was pure gold

Yesterday’s Premier League action saw a heated Merseyside Derby play out, which eventually ended in a 2-0 victory for Liverpool

Predictably, the Reds dominated proceedings, especially in regards to possession of the ball. However, there was little penetration for Liverpool in the first half, as Everton put up a stern barrier. 

It appeared as if the Toffees borrowed their approach from beyond the borders, the Merseyside Blues closely resembled Diego Simeone’s Atletico Madrid in the first 45.

Stubborn low block, compact structure, tireless tracking of runners, Everton attempted it all and, just like the Colchoneros, they dabbled in plenty of time-wasting.

Everton players clattered onto the floor at every opportunity, winning soft fouls and taking their sweet time before resuming play. 

And, Jordan Pickford was perhaps the worst offender. 

The keeper carries the reputation for being a sh*thouse, and he let nobody down in that regard. 

Time and time again, the English international unceremoniously fell to his knees, clutching onto the ball for extended periods, making sure he could waste as much time as possible.

Naturally, fans online pondered about the existence of the ‘6-second rule’, as it was evidently being breached constantly. 

Unfortunately, his antics ended up being futile, as Liverpool found the net twice in the second half. With bragging rights and a crucial 3 points in the bag, it was Liverpool’s turn to have fun, an opportunity keeper Alisson had no intentions of letting go of. 

In the final minutes of the game, an attempt by Richarlison was collected by the Brazilian. Giving the Blues a taste of their own medicine, he took a brief pause before descending into a prone position, ball clutched firmly within his gloves.

Clearly taking the p*ss, Anfield loved their keeper’s actions, and the former Roma man received a loud cheer from the stands.