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Twitter reacts as Rio Ferdinand reveals 6-point plan to save Man United

Twitter reacts as Rio Ferdinand reveals 6-point plan to save Man United

What happens when you know what the job is but have no genuine tools to accomplish the job? You come up with stories or words to make yourself sound more credible, but deep down, you secretly hope that the job isn’t entrusted to you. 

The ex-Manchester United defender, Rio Ferdinand has been facing a similar fate after chalking out an unfortunate ‘SIX POINT’ plan for Manchester United which any elementary schooler could have cultivated after watching a Sunday league match in his backyard. 

Even though Ferdinand’s intentions were pure but United currently needs more than just ‘umbrella’ terms with no significant meaning attached to them.

The fans have also singled Ferdinand out in the past for chasing the job of United’s assistant coach, but the 43-year-old was quick to rebuff such claims and denied that he went after the job of coaching the Red Devils. But such vague pointers coming from a man who thrived under Sir Alex Ferguson have angered both United and football fans altogether. 

Twitter isn’t kind to anyone and when you mess up, it’ll take you to the agonizing depths of humiliation from which there is no return. And Ferdinand has been the recent victim. It’s hard to get the football fans to agree on a topic universally, but Ferdinand has achieved what rarely happens.

He has been trolled to an extent where he has been named a ‘copycat’ for taking these pointers from Mikel Arteta’s playbook, but only without the detailed meaning of these specific terms. Maybe Ferdinand forgot that this might be a good list for someone starting a new club or for any and every manager who comes to a struggling club like Erik Ten Hag now has. But no matter how boldly Ferdinand tries to hide his aspirations to be associated with the coaching staff of United, the six-point plan has given him away.

A meeting with Erik Ten Hag might just be on the books. But being a football pundit, Ferdinand will be critically assessing the situation at United and if he genuinely needs to make a run for any job at United, he needs to come up with more than just vague terms that one wouldn’t want to utter before a set of world-class players.

The Red Devils will see a total revamp this summer after Erik Ten Hag’s announcement. Ferdinand knows this and maybe, just maybe, he made this bizarre plan to get inside the revolution that awaits Old Trafford.