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Barcelona fans disgusted to find torn player seats at Camp Nou

Barcelona fans disgusted to find torn player seats at Camp Nou

It is no secret that FC Barcelona have been in financial peril as of late. 

The Spanish heavyweights have had an immense fall from grace, largely due to atrocious mismanagement by former President, Josep Bartomeu. 

The prospects of mega-money signings have become far-fetched as a result, and the Blaugrana have even had trouble balancing their wage bill. 

Bargain buys are the norm now, and the club have already conducted decent business with signings such as Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Eric García, Adama Traore etc.

While the economical signings have livened up Barca’s squad as compared to the beginning of the season, there are still cracks that need papering.

One such area is the state of the iconic Camp Nou.

Redevelopment plans for the 99,350 seater stadium have long been in place, and the club recently secured an extended loan from American firm Goldman Sachs for the same purpose. 

Aside from adding further seats and recreational areas, the club really needs to address the state of the home bench. 

Images displaying the substandard state of seats in Barca’s technical area went viral online, drawing plenty of attention from fans.

In the picture, Barca stars Pedri and Ansu Fati can be conversing, and the seat right next to the Spaniard clearly has seen better days.

Ripped leather, exposed cushioning and just their general archaic look were quickly noticed by fans online. 

Naturally, many online wondered about the state of regular seats, considering that the ones reserved for players looked rather appalling. 

Going by reports, Barcelona were aware of these images floating around online, which caused concern at the club.

With the seats now in the public eye, it’s very likely that their state will be addressed.