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Sergio Ramos shocks everyone by speaking English with his PSG teammates

Sergio Ramos shocks everyone by speaking English with his PSG teammates

Ever wondered what football players get onto during their free time? Aside from relishing their lavish lifestyles, football stars often compete in various games against fellow players and teammates. 

Esports tournaments between players have become rather common, as has the incredibly fun game of Teqball. The French National team have been known to turn to a game of cards during leisure time, and as you might’ve heard, N’golo Kante does not play fair.

A new addition to the list of pass times for footballers appears to be the board game called Ludo. This revelation came via a Tik Tok from PSG defender Sergio Ramos, which also featured the rare sight of him speaking English.

As seen in the clip, Parisiens’ stars Kylian Mbappe and Achraf Hakimi can be boasting about their Ludo conquests to their camera.

Ramos lingers in the background hearing their confident claims before stepping in and dispelling all these notions. 

Despite the conversation occurring in French, Ramos states his claims in English. He authoritatively joins the discourse and declares with his heavy/viking-esque cadence, “I will show you in the last game.  Horrible, horrible players, both of them, together”.

Fans online, aside from being surprised, likened Ramos’ demeanour and accent to that of the famed Norsemen.

And it’s easy to see why. 

Brown locks of slicked-back hair, an immaculately maintained beard and ink on his throat can easily be interpreted as a Nordic symbol. Ramos certainly fits the bill.