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Turn Camp Nou into wedding venue for as little as €1600

Turn Camp Nou into wedding venue for as little as €1600

Financial troubles are synonymous with FC Barcelona as of late, as the Catalans have been left with dry pockets as a result of horrific mismanagement. 

Being an extremely popular club, their troubles have since become the talk of the football world, with every aspect of the club’s operations now being inspected under the public lens. 

From Presidential elections to player registrations, all are being watched closely. Even the seats in their dugout at Camp Nou couldn’t leave unscathed, as fans caught onto their rough condition. 

Their PR continues to take further hits due to the words of La Liga President Javier Tebas, who consistently and publicly has questioned the club’s financial health. 

Amid all the chatter, Barca has turned to a tried and tested method for raising funds, one that may actually bring them closer to their fans.

Reviving a summer tradition that dates back to 2011, the Blaugrana will offer fans the opportunity to play at the majestic Camp Nou. 

Culers looking for the full Camp Nou experience will be allowed to play a 60-minute match at the venue between June 6 and June 11, the cost of admission being €300. Additionally, spectators will be allowed as well, with tickets starting at €30.

They aren’t done playing host there, as even weddings will be allowed at the stadium. 

The club have put forward 7 different packages for couples to consider, with further variations for the number of guests in attendance. 

The prices range from €1,600 to a whopping €13,500 for the ‘Grandstand Hall’, which allows between 300 to 1000 guests. Camp Nou is also open for hosting cocktail receptions and banquets.

The offer seems to stand for a limited time, and bookings are certainly going to be maxed soon.

Putting the Camp Nou up for rent probably won’t be enough to sort out Barca’s issues, although it does provide a chance for fans to book the most unique venue possible.