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WATCH: Son Heung-min shows unlikely friendship with Fred on the pitch

WATCH: Son Heung-min shows unlikely friendship with Fred on  the pitch

The Brazilian National Team’s visit to Seoul provided local fans with the rare opportunity of watching their favourite Selecao stars take to the pitch. 

Fans also got to witness a bromance blossom between two mercurial stars Neymar and Son Heung-min. The pair finally shared the pitch together and even exchanged shirts after the game. 

But the sights of friendship didn’t end there, as fans noticed a moment of top-notch banter between the South Korean and a Selecao star, giving us a rather unlikely duo. 

The Brazilian in question is none other than Manchester United midfielder Fred. 

Being the joyous personality that he is, Son could probably get along with just about anyone. 

However, who would’ve thought he’d share such excellent camaraderie with someone who’s probably tasked with tracking his movements for 90 minutes.

Fortunately, that appears to be the case, and fans received a glimpse of their friendship through this clip. 

In it, the forward sneaks up being Fred, before executing the lightest of knee taps. The Brazilian’s face almost instantly lights up, and a smile takes over, he clearly had no doubts that the culprit was Son.

The pair then have a quick chat, looking pleased as punch while they’re at it. Within seconds it’s back to full focus as play resumes. 

Nevertheless, the brief interaction was enough to showcase their understanding, and it’s likely that the pair are friends off the pitch.