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Verdict: New Emile Smith Rowe full sleeve tattoo is dope AF

Verdict: New Emile Smith Rowe full sleeve tattoo is dope AF

Arsenal star Emile Smith Rowe has been busy off the pitch lately, as he’s opted to get his body ink. Revealed back in April, he first got tattooed on his upper left arm

The ink itself was a unique mesh depicting an intricately designed lion with a broken clock atop its head. Inspired by the video game ‘Nancy Drew-Secret of the Old Clock’, the clock featured elaborate details. 

Turns out the piece wasn’t done there, as more recent pictures showcase the finished sleeve tattoo.

As seen in the image, the ink has extended and now covers ESR’s entire left arm. 

Besides the lion, a bit of writing can be seen, and just below it is a gorgeous rose. The petals have been designed with meticulous precision, and a pair of stars have been placed alongside them. As we head further down, a tonal shift takes place. 

Two polaroids of what appears to be an outing at the beach are placed between numerous palm trees. The pictures might be a nod to his parents, and the support he has received from them over the years. The sleeve tattoo concludes with a grand compass.

While certain bits of the sleeve tattoo might require some explaining from the man himself, the tattoo on his forearm is much more straightforward. The ink is a lovely portrait of his mother, a wonderful gesture by the Englishman.