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When new signing Karim Adeyemi got rattled by a Borussia Dortmund fan on Twitter

When new signing Karim Adeyemi got rattled by a Borussia Dortmund fan on Twitter

Borussia Dortmund announced the signing of German prospect Karim Adeyemi from Red Bull Salzburg on May 10th, presumably as a replacement for outgoing Erling Haaland.

The young starlet has caught the eye of many clubs with his performances for the Austrian club. This season has seen the forward contribute 41 goals and assists for his club. Despite all the attention surrounding him, Dortmund have tied him up to a contract that goes up till 2027.

However, Adeyemi has recently found himself in the limelight, not due to his performances, but his social media antics. Twitter user and Borussia Dortmund fan FS shared an exchange between him and Adeyemi in 2020 on the social media forum.

In the exchange going back two years, the German forward (who had not yet gained recognition) posted that he was excited about his Uefa Youth League semi-final. FS however felt that the account was fake and called him out in the replies.

What followed was Adeyemi hilariously going on a rant. He told the fan that they need to learn how to talk to people and that he does not anyone any proof showing he runs the account.

Two years later it seems FS sees the funnier side of this conversation between the two. Moreso the fan seems to be more amused that he got away with talking to the footballer in such a manner. When asked by others if Adeyemi blocked him, the user said that the player surprisingly hadn’t done so. Most people are responding by lightly mocking the OP and not critiquing the player’s response.

Due to their larger than life aura we often forget that these players are young people just like many of us. In certain situations they would react just like common people perhaps would. With the rise in social media, this side of players is easier to see. Their reactions may not always be appropriate or correct, but it does make us fans realise that at the end of the day they’re just humans, and should be treated so.

Adeyemi clearly has the talent to succeed on the pitch, and if we go by Dortmund’s scouting track record, there’s a good chance he could be their next big star. Hopefully, the player makes the news for positive reasons both on and off the pitch!