Made On Paint Desktop App: Twitter reacts to leaked Chelsea home kit for 22/23 season

As the upcoming Premier League season’s opening day fixtures were announced, fans of the Big 6 would be looking forward to purchasing new threads and preparing for the new season come August. Thanks to some brilliant work from designers Adidas and Nike, Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool look set to don some classic home kits for the 2022/23 campaign.

These strong designs for these clubs would certainly have had Chelsea fans expecting Nike to deliver for their home kit as well. Having made the switch from Adidas to Nike in 2017, the latter have cooked up a few eye-catchy home kits for the Blues such as the 2018-19 kit or the 2019-20 shirt.

But it looks like Nike have left Chelsea Twitter in total disappointment with the new home kit as leaked images of the shirt reveal it to be a disaster.

Having worked in attractive designer prints on the shirt over the past few seasons, Nike have chosen to go with a complete bland blue design this time around. It is simply a blue shirt with no print or stripes by the sides or by the shoulder.

Furthermore, this basic primary design has been clubbed with a poorly designed collar that is white in colour and sports an unimpressive designer print in light blue.

Nike have also chosen to play it safe with the badges and the logos with the designer’s logo staying on the right breast pocket while some other clubs such as Man City have nicely used the central logo for their home kits.   

Naturally, the Stamford Bridge faithful have not taken kindly to these leaks and have even alleged that the kit is so bad that it was designed using the Microsoft Paint app.

The lack of creativity has fans also wondering if this kit is a simple rehash of older Chelsea kits such as the 2017-18 home kit that looks eerily similar to the new home shirt, minus the collar.

With their competitors within the Big 6 all set to sport fire kits for the new season, Chelsea fans would be hoping for their team to compensate for the poorly designed shirt by delivering strong performances on the pitch and by responding with titles.