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The Fan-Favorite Crystal Palace Home Kit is Actually a Total Ripoff

The Fan-Favorite Crystal Palace Home Kit is Actually a Total Ripoff

London outfit Crystal Palace recently announced a long-term partnership with kit provider Macron, whom they previously worked before signing with Puma. The Italian sportswear brand recently showed off their new iteration of the Eagles’ home kit

Through a wavy spin on the traditional template, Macron managed to impress fans online, and Palace’s brand new kit became a hit. The brushstroke stripes are snappy and the trimmed white collar provides the required polish, ticking all the necessary ‘aesthetic’ boxes. 

The eye-catching shirt managed to capture the attention of fans from other clubs as well, who simply couldn’t help but admire it.

Unfortunately, the hype soon took a nosedive as users online did some digging, and exposed the design as a ripoff. 

As seen in these images, Palace’s look has clearly been borrowed from Croatian side Hajduk Split’s kit from last season, which was created by Macron as well. 

The Italian Brand probably saw a similarity between the 2 clubs’ traditional looks and decided to go with it. It’s not uncommon for brands to distribute the same designs between different clubs. 

However, these instances are at least years apart, and usually, they bother to slap on a new coat of paint. 

In the Eagles’ case, Macron looks to have done the bare minimum by altering the collar and sleeve cuffs, but the eye-catching stripes remain the same. 

A bit more originality would’ve helped the brand gain a bit of favour amongst fans. 

Nonetheless, Palace supporters aren’t entirely disappointed, as, despite the unoriginality, the kit remains gorgeous.