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Awkward Moment Raheem Sterling Questions Malang Sarr About His Position

Awkward Moment Raheem Sterling Questions Malang Sarr About His Position

The new owner of Chelsea, Todd Boehly has got the American fan base of the club gunning for him by bringing the squad for their pre-season to the shores of his home nation.

Thomas Tuchel’s men will play against Club America, Charlotte, and Premier League rivals Arsenal within one week in different cities in the USA, with Boehly expecting to see a massive turnout for his new investment.  

Boehly, who has been actively running around, looking for new players to join the squad, has completed the signing of Raheem Sterling and Kalidou Koulibaly, with Nathan Ake almost on the verge of joining from Manchester City. 

In a recent visit to the LA Dodgers stadium, home to the Major League Baseball team in the US, Boehly officially revealed the new signing, Sterling to the American media, showing an era of positive change for the club after much turmoil in the recent past. 

Sterling along with Jorginho, Thiago Silva, Edouard Mendy, Marcus Bettinelli, and Malang Sarr wore the LA Dodgers jersey with their respective names imprinted on the back, signalling a perfect blend of Boehly’s two major investments – Chelsea & LA Dodgers.

The journey of the Chelsea players in and outside the stadium, which was being documented on camera, caught a momentary exchange between Sterling and Sarr that brought out the Englishman’s honest ignorance about his teammate. 

After a brief ‘How are you?’ Sterling asked Sarr about the position he plays in, whether it was centre-back or left-back. Sarr wasn’t surprised and responded that it’s usually as a centre-back, but Sterling’s unfamiliarity with his new teammate has got the Blues fans riled up.

It’s still early in the day for Sterling, who is getting up to speed with his new peers, but the Blues fans do not blame the English forward for his ignorance. For them, nobody knows where Sarr plays. In some games, he’s deployed as a left-back while in some he was a centre-back. 

Sarr, who played only eight games in the Premier League in the previous season, is not a regular starter for the Blues. He’s a young talent who is liked by his manager and despite a poor performance against Arsenal in the previous season, Sarr impressed with the other games he started. 

The 23-year-old defender is still coming to terms with his skills and talent and has some fans who continue to back him, regardless. 

But Sterling’s question told us that he still has a lot of homework to accomplish and maybe find a cure to the hangover that is Manchester City.