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The Possible Reason Why Todd Boehly Met Agent Of ‘Next Haaland’ Benjamin Sesko

The Possible Reason Why Todd Boehly Met Agent Of ‘Next Haaland’ Benjamin Sesko

Chelsea’s new ownership has been making waves ever since taking over from the Russian oligarch.

From a suggestion about an all-star game to sacking the new manager over transfer policy, Todd Boehly has wasted no time stamping his authority at Stamford Bridge.

Todd pushed for the signing of superstar Ronaldo, something that did not sit right with then-manager Thomas Tuchel. Tuchel was subsequently sacked but if current performances are anything to go by, Tuchel may have saved the London club big time.

Chelsea, still looking for a striker even after signing Raheem Sterling, settled on Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, getting him back to London from Barcelona.

Auba’s performances have not been particularly good though, with the Gabonese only scoring thrice in nine games he has played so far. The fact that Auba has only played 9 games since his shift to England is worrying enough for the boardroom at Chelsea.

While Chelsea sits 5th in the PL table, it is more down to the defense than to the attack.

The club sits joint 9th in the scoring charts, averaging just under 1.5 goals a game.

The Blues sit even lower when it comes to xG this season, 8th from the bottom, for anyone who cares.

Safe to say, scoring has been a problem.

It seems Todd has taken it upon himself to address this problem.

As reported by Jacque Talbot, who writes for Times Sport, the owner was seen meeting Elvis Basanovic, Benjamin Sesko’s agent.

Sesko, dubbed as the next Haaland, has been among the goals for Salzburg this season. The highly-rated 19-year-old has scored 6 times in 21 outings for the club.

While Elvis Basanovic and his agency do have other players as clients on their roster, none seem to be of the caliber of the Slovenian.

The forward was linked with Chelsea, among a host of other clubs this summer, with the London club meeting the officials at RB Salzburg for a potential move.

The proposed move did not pan out for one reason or the other.

Now we could have said that Todd met the agent to resurrect the move. But that cannot be the case as Sesko has already agreed to a move to Salzburg’s sister club in Germany, RB Leipzig, in the coming summer.

And meeting already to talk about a move in the 2024-25 season seems a little premature.

Another theory that can be proposed is that the owner was just buttering the agent. Agents have become a very influential part of the modern game and it always pays to be in their good books.

Just look at Jorge Mended and Wolves’ Portuguese raid a few years ago.

While there is no way to ascertain for sure why the two met, it has surely excited Chelsea fans.

The prospect, however small the possibility, of the next Haaland coming to their club is very appealing. Especially how the “current” Haaland is playing for Man City.

All we can do is speculate and hope that Sesko, if for Chelsea or for another club, does find his way to the Premier League.