Tesco in Shambles: Twitter Reacts as Erling Haaland Goes Shopping at Sainsbury’s

Erling Haaland is truly an enigma. One will find the talented Norwegian striker in the most random of places, doing the most random of things.

For instance, after playing his last game for Borussia Dortmund the player was spotted dancing at a nightclub in a tracksuit and bartending as well.

Haaland recently completed his transfer to Manchester City, signing for his father’s former club, whom he often supported from the stands as a young lad.

His most recent sighting after arriving in the blue side of Manchester is surprising because of how normal it is compared to his other sightings previously.

The striker was seen shopping at Sainsbury’s with his father and it has prompted diverse reactions from football fans across Twitter.

Twitter user and Manchester City fan Alex Brotherton mentioned how the Norwegian starlet had also been seen at another local supermarket known as Co-Op on a Sunday night.

Others used their observational skills to see what Haaland had in his shopping cart. One user was able to spot ketchup amongst the various items in the cart.

Seeing the large bottle of Ketchup, Spurs fans responded how Antonio Conte, who has banned the use of sauce and mayo, would never allow his main striker to purchase the condiment.

Avid partygoer and new Man City teammate Jack Grealish also got name-checked after many noticed the cart also had wine glasses in its stock. “Buying Habitat wine glasses, red flag! Joining Grealish on the grog”, user FPL_Boardman jokingly remarked.

Haaland shopping in Sainsbury’s is relatable to many who had to shop at the supermarket before shifting to their respective universities. While the striker is not moving for higher education, a transfer to a new club is very similar.

However, some were disappointed/surprised by the player’s decision to select this particular brand. Some believed he was more of a ‘Tesco’ (another supermarket franchise) man.

Though there were also many shouts about how the media and fans are invading Haaland’s personal space. “Leave him alone this is actually bare weird”, replied one user to the photo, with others agreeing with his statement.

Putting everything else aside, Manchester City fans will be happy to see Haaland acclimatising to his new home so soon. When new player is comfortable with their changed surroundings, the faster they make an impact on the pitch.

It is going to be an interesting season for the Cityzens. With the new additions, including Haaland, they will be looking to finally add the Champions League to their long list of trophies.