Raised on Podcasts: Raphinha Roasted for Pointing at Spotify Logo Instead of Barca Badge

Barcelona fans were finally treated to the signing of Raphinha on Wednesday as the club confirmed the transfer following a lengthy race for the player.

Despite better financial packages on offer from Arsenal and Chelsea, Raphinha chose to fulfil his childhood dream of playing for the Catalans and will now be donning the Blaugrana colours next season.

After the club confirmed an agreement with Leeds, the 25-year-old was immediately flown out on a private plane to complete the move. As he landed in Catalonia, Raphinha was spotted wearing a Barcelona-branded polo shirt marking his first public appearance as a player of the club.

With the Spanish side arranging photoshoots to market the signing, Raphinha continued to sport this polo shirt and it quickly became a hot topic online on Wednesday.

However, his first reveal as a Barcelona player did not go entirely as per plan as the Brazilian failed to correctly point to the club’s badge while posing for a photo. Instead, Raphinha was actually pointing to the Spotify logo beneath the Barcelona badge on the breast pocket.

While Raphinha may have wanted to pledge his loyalty to the badge, he has instead managed to emulate Kieran Trippier and Maxwel Cornet who famously missed Newcastle United and Burnley badges during their respective unveiling.

Football Twitter rarely misses on such occasions and the former Leeds man was duly mocked on the social media platform. The only silver lining here for Raphinha and Barca fans would be that Spotify did perhaps indirectly aid in the signing of the player due to sponsorships and the purchase of Camp Nou’s naming rights. Thus, pointing to the Spotify logo may not be the worst scenario.

Although Barcelona fans may not have enjoyed this blunder from their latest Brazilian recruit, they would still be having faith in Raphinha who has come to them even during the time of financial turmoil.