Twitter Reacts as Adama Traore Becomes Latest Footballer to Shop at Sainsbury’s

The Spanish international Adama Traore is back in England. The 26-year-old winger has returned to Wolverhampton Wanderers after a temporary loan spell at Barcelona and will resume his stride in the Premier League. 

Traore, who had amassed a hamstring injury after the end of the previous season, was recently spotted at the Wombourne Sainsbury’s with a small basket in hand, figuring out what more to buy from the aisle. 

It isn’t unusual for footballers to do their shopping. Lately, Erling Haaland, Manchester City’s new number nine, was spotted at the same supermarket chain with trolleys full of groceries and everyday stuff while, during the lockdown back in 2020, Bukayo Saka posed for a photo with the fan after shopping at a Sainsbury’s.

The supermarket is indeed a popular spot, being the second largest retailer in England, but what caught the eyes of the fans on Twitter was Traore wearing his own jersey while out shopping for his daily needs. 

This act from the Spaniard had to receive a lot of reactions from the fans, and it did indeed.

Witnessing the Wolves winger without his oiled-up arms and legs, the fans deduced that the next thing on the menu for him would be to get hold of the baby oil. Traore has bulked up over the years intending to dominate his opponents and his trademark get-up is oiling up his biceps and calves. 

But some still wanted answers to why was Traore wearing his kit. And if they couldn’t find one, imagination was used to make the arrangements for an answer. A user suggested that Traore wants to be noticed. He’s wearing his own jersey so that the surrounding people do not need to rub their eyes twice and see that it is actually him.

A few playful jibes were also in order as a fan commented, Traore will take everything from the aisled and then mess up at the till. A clear dig at his finishing abilities on the pitch. 

Many reckoned a shirt exchange was in order. 

Although there were no straightforward answers to Traore wearing his own jersey in the public, it was enough to get Football Twitter riled up and hunting for answers. For now, Wolves await their fate in the new edition of the Premier League.