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Burnley Introduce Atmosphere-Killing Law Banning Standing at Turf Moor

Burnley Introduce Atmosphere-Killing Law Banning Standing at Turf Moor

Nothing gets the fans off their seats quicker than a striker running at the opposition at a lightning pace. The anticipation of the goal and the excitement that their team is about to take the lead in a game, but what if the club tells you that you’re forbidden to stand up during the game at any point in time?

A similar incident took place recently with a Burnley fan who was banned from Turf Moor for standing up from his seat to cheer his team. 

Burnley, who under their new gaffer Vincent Company started on just the right note with a comprehensive victory, seemed to have lost their way and now sit on the 12th position in the EFL Championship.  

The club needs all the support it can garner from fans, but an unlikely attempt to follow the rules and regulations hasn’t boded well with some supporters. 

After the game against Luton Town, a Burnley fan received a letter from the club authorities stating in some detail about his ban. The person in question is now banned from entering the stadium for games against Hull City and Blackpool for his actions of ‘Persistent Standing’ during the previous game against Luton.

This ludicrous ban has got everyone riled up. In his defence, the person mentioned he was present in the Lower Longside Block 3 of the stadium, where people are always up on their feet while watching the match. Asking someone to sit or banning them from standing has been unheard of.

A few fans came forward and brought attention to the aggressive stewarding that took place against Luton when people were picked up randomly by these stewards for standing for just a moment to get a glimpse of some build-up play.

The game of football changes in one swell sweep and it is only natural that the excitement gets the better of anyone. Be it corners, free kicks, or moves near the opposition box, the fans usually get up in a breeze of excitement to witness the magic. If the club bans the audience or the fans because of it, there will be no one left to cheer.

However, many believed that if the club could designate a ‘Safe Standing’ area for the fans, then they will solve all the problems. People who object to others blocking their view would be at peace and can enjoy the match with no hindrance. 

The club has covered the seats of the fans who have been banned and some fans believe that the complaints have arisen not from the audience in the stands but from the corporate boxes that require a complete unblocked view of the ground. 

Whatever may be the case, Burnley has come up with one of the most unfriendly and laughable bans in modern football. The Clarets need to rethink their ban and come up with a solution that does not hamper their ticket sales and fan base.