Football Fan Finds Perfect Match By Writing Mario Balotelli On Tinder

Football Twitter houses a menagerie of fanatic Footy fans that barely thread the line between eccentric and reasonable, and they do so with cat-like agility. 

You can catch innumerable FT accounts engaging in absurd discussions one moment and offering sound tactical analysis the next, it’s quite bizarre really. 

Fans online are also no strangers to odd endeavours, as evidenced by the strange trends that do the rounds within the community. 

The latest one in heavy rotation shows off just how outlandish things can get, although even we found something to admire with the approach in use. 

At the risk of paraphrasing millions of doe-eyed teenagers out there, ‘The world is a lonely place’. 

Companionship can be hard to come by, especially when looking for a partner with similar interests and hobbies. 

Usually, one goes through the arduous process of trial and error in search of the ideal partner, and in search of the desired interests. 

However, this footy fan, who simply had no time for all that, came up with an astounding litmus test, perfect for those who want a football fan as their partner. 

As seen in this viral clip, the fan hops on Tinder, an online dating platform, and tries his luck with various women through a solitary opening message, ‘Balotelli…’. 

The reference here is of course to Sergio Aguero‘s legendary title-clincher against QPR back in 2013. 

Mario Balotelli’s only assist in the Premier League was for Sergio Aguero’s title-winning goal vs QPR.

The iconic moment received an equivalently memorable piece of commentary from Martin Tyler, who broke into a rousing ‘Agueroooo’ as the Argentine smashed the ball home. 

While the scenes are primarily associated with the goalscorer, the role of Mario Balotelli cannot be overlooked, after all, his sliding pass set it all up. 

Arguably the Premier League’s greatest moment, knowing the goal by heart is simply a must for any football fan. 

With that in mind, this fan employs Tyler’s words in order to filter out potential partners who share their football interests. 

And as the clip displays, ‘it ain’t easy’. 

There are plenty of misses, and uncertain responses, including one who barely bothered and just replied with a like. 

One individual named Naya came excruciatingly close to the desired answer, as she replied with ‘Why Always Me?’, referencing Balotelli’s iconic celebration. 

Despite missing out every so slightly, she still passed the vibe check in our eyes. 

Numerous replies came and went, all missing the mark, until we arrived at the chosen one, India. 

With anxious anticipation, the fan opens up her reply, while the triumphant music in the background crescendos. 

The app pops open to reveal the joyous response of ‘Aguerroooo’, and the music aptly advances into a symphonic fortissimo. 

The vibes are simply immaculate, and they’re only enhanced by the visuals of City players celebrating the moment. 

Fans online were impressed by the tactic in use, and many even suggested other bits of incredible commentary to try out. 

We certainly hope things work out for India and the person behind the clip, as it would really be a tale for the ages.